Great news

There is a new Spirit Club website. 


Your new login area is now integrated in our Falkensteiner page. 
We are delighted to present our new Falkensteiner website as well as your new Spirit Club member area, which is now integrated into our Falkensteiner website.


The following benefits await: 

- Your birthday and welcome voucher will now available as points. 

- 10 points = €1

 - You can redeem these points directly when booking online via our website or when you book directly via e-mail or telephone at the hotel. The points are not valid for bookings made through third parties. 

- The 5% and 10% discount will automatically be taken into account for every online booking.

- There is no Spirit Club membership number anymore. Your user ID is your email address. 

- In the coming months, new features will be added on an ongoing basis.


The following Gold Spirit benefits await: 

- Effective immediately, renewals and downgrades will no longer be performed on a daily basis, but on a cutoff date during the year: June 30.

- This means, for example, with a Gold membership from August 20, 2018, you will be a member of the Gold Club until June 30, 2021. Thus, there is a possibility to be a member of the club for 2 years - 2.9 years.

- The next renewals and downgrades will not take place until June 30, 2020. 

- Your Gold Spirit expiration date will be displayed in a few weeks. 


To consider: 

- Only direct bookings qualify and are displayed for the Gold Spirit status. Unfortunately, we cannot consider third-party bookings.

- In your overview, you can see the number of nights over the last 2.9 years. (Cutoff date: June 30, 2017) The revenue will be displayed shortly as well.

- The nights will be shown in your profile if the booking was made in your name. 

- All open vouchers have been transferred to the new system as points. The vouchers as such can no longer be redeemed. The points can still be redeemed for a period of one year.

- All past reservations and stays are not displayed. 

- All new reservations will be displayed.


Access the new login


Please go to “Already member” enter your e-mail address and then click on "Forget your password".
Thus your profile will be recognized and you can enter a new password.


You are welcome to send your questions to or call us at: +43-50-991180-01.

All information you can download here.